71% and Rising (WT)

Genre: Wildlife / Conservation  Format: Feature Film/ One-off / Web-series/ multimedia concept  Length: 100‘/ 52’/ 13x 15‘
Director: Hendrik Schmitt  Executive Producer: Claudia Schmitt, Claudia Zenkert  Co-production: The Jetlagged

All life on Earth originated in the sea and the ocean has maintained favorable conditions ever since. Today, many marine habitats are on the brink of collapse: overfishing, pollution, coral bleaching, acidification, melting polar ice, and rising sea levels – all results of human impact.

But how is it all connected? And is it too late to turn the tide? In the decade of the ocean comes a project that will follow the ocean’s currents, unravel the problems, show solutions, and connect the dots on a global level. Join the multi-award-winning underwater cinematographers and ocean ambassadors of The Jetlagged team as they go on a life-changing adventure, investigating the biggest ocean emergencies and identifying (and living) the solutions that can help to restore the health of the ocean.

With stunning, intimate insights, this documentary will prove that protecting the ocean is not just about the mysterious beauty of the marine world – it is about our very own survival on this planet.
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Future Homes (WT)

21st Century Living

Genre: Lifestyle/ Architecture  Format: 4k/ UHD/ multimedia concept  Length: 8- 10 x 52’ / 52’
Presenter: Kaylie Salvatori  Producer: Brady Valashinas, Dena Curtis  Executive Producer: Claudia Zenkert, Nha-Uyen Chau

Think Grand Designs meets Biggest Little Farm, where the goal of each episode is to witness the build of a new home, using the principles of regenerative architecture. These builds work with the natural landscape, save the home-owners money, and not only eliminate the carbon footprint, but create homes that actively give back to the environment around them. 

Future Homes is a new global format that revolutionizes the world of home building shows, for it is based completely around building a more sustainable future, one home at a time.
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Maddies Urban Jungles

Genre: Kids&Family / Nature / Edutainment  Format: Online Format  Length: 10x 20‘
Director: Brady Valashinas  Executive Producer: Claudia Zenkert, Brady Valashinas  Co-production: Pier to Pier Media

Maddies Urban Jungles is a fun, dynamic, interactive, and authentic treasure hunt for the wild places in the midst of our urban spaces. In this POV-driven investigation, three teams of kids from three geographically different cities will seek out wild refuges and green sanctuaries within their home cities and share them with a global audience.
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Pathfinder (WT)

Land of the Arctic Fox

Genre: wildlife / natural history  Format: one off / multimedia concept  Length: 52‘ / 90‘
Director / DOP: Carl Herdenberg  Executive Producer: Claudia Zenkert

Arctic foxes are one of the flagship species of the effects of climate change, but very little is known about their way of life and their role in this land of ice and snow. Now this is going to change: This documentary will introduce you to the Fennoscandian arctic fox in an incredibly intimate way, as we follow a vixen and her litter through the first year of the young pups’ life – facing habitat loss and a cruel invader from the South.  
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Smart Clips (WT)

Publish or Perish is so Last Century

Genre: science  Format: returnable series / multimedia concept  Length: 8-10‘  Episodes/Season: 10
Age Group: 16-29 (and older)  Executive Producer: Claudia Zenkert

Smart Clips takes scientific publication to a whole new level. The state-of-the-art results are translated both visually, and in language to reconnect people to science. This is the perfect way to engage a wider audience, make your success public, increase the reputation of your research group and prove to funding agencies that you know how to do proper media outreach and take your results confidently into the 21st century.  
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Smart Clips 4 Kids (WT)

Genre: science / kids  Format: animation series / multimedia concept  Length: 10-15‘  Episodes/Season: 15
Age Group: 8-14 (family co-viewing)  Executive Producer: Claudia Zenkert

How do you get kids interested in nature and science nowadays? Just like this: Smart Clips 4 Kids combines scientific principles from biology, mathematics and physics with beautifully peculiar creatures, funny anecdotes, and real research, presented in a loving and playful way. 
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The One Percent (WT)

Challenging Fate

Genre: science / human interest  Format: one off / multimedia concept  Length: 44‘ / 52‘ / 90‘  Executive Producer: Claudia Zenkert

The One Percent sheds a light on an unprecedented example of international, interdisciplinary collaboration and on the unsung heroes that fight every single day to give hope to children with relapsed cancer. With a compassion and dedication that is truly inspiring, they are pushing the boundaries of medicine. And from time to time, they get to not only witness, but to create a miracle. 
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The Science of Food (WT)

The Nerdy Side of Cooking

Genre: science  Format: returnable series / magazine or web series / multimedia concept  Length: 15‘  
Episodes/Season: 10  Executive Producer: Claudia Zenkert

The Science of Food is a fresh science format that is not about molecular cuisine, but about the basic science of preparing meals. What is the role of enzymes, collagens, and glycerides? Why is ‘going bad’ sometimes good, and what are the perfect vegetarian substitutes? And best of all: how can we use science to make food tastier and cooking a bit easier?  
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We Are The Wild (WT)

Genre: wildlife / natural history  Format: 4k/ UHD/ multimedia-concept  Length: 5 x 52’ / 52’
Director/DOP: Brady Valashinas  Executive Producer: Claudia Zenkert

We Are The Wild is a beautiful wildlife documentary series showing how challenged, neglected, and abused patches of land are turned back into sanctuaries and biodiversity hotspots. Following our selected guardians through the first three years of planning, digging, planting, and reviving, this film will show how easily we can give back to nature and how profoundly small actions can change the world. Together, we will see beauty and wilderness return to these places that were temporarily destroyed from human disregard.
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Wild Child (WT)

A Summer at Windrose Farm

Genre: kids / family  Format: series  Length: 10 x 30‘ Age Group: 10-14
Director/DOP: Brady Valashinas, Aris Stoulil  Executive Producer: Claudia Zenkert

Set in the rolling hills of Southern California, Wild Child will remind you what the world looked like when you were just 12-years old, and when excursions to the wild outdoors were your favorite past-time. Follow Aiden, Lauren, Natalie and Andrew, as they get to know their new home, the Windrose Farm, tend to their animals, and learn the values of food and the nature that provides it.   
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Dead Reckoning

Genre: Comedy  Format: series/ multimedia campaign  Length: 8 x 60’  Writers: Tom & Michael Attanasio  
Producer: Tom & Michael Attanasio, Claudia Zenkert

Dead Reckoning is a pitch-black comedy centered on the Winchesters, an old money Bostonian family, in the wake of the death of patriarch, Grantley Tiberius Winchester II, and matriarch, Cecilia Melbourne Winchester. When Grantley, an arms dealer and big game hunter, and Cecilia, a noted socialite and wanted war criminal, are killed, and eaten by a pack of lions on an endangered- species hunting trip their estranged children Kelly, Patrick, Carolyn and Candace, are forced to come together and deal with the aftermath of their parents’ death. 
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Genre: Spy Drama  Format: Returnable series  Writers: Tom & Michael Attanasio  Producer: Claudia Zenkert

After Valhalla, a top-secret Intelligence operation, is threatened with exposure, the CIA scrambles to clean up the mess, green lighting three seemingly unconnected assassinations. Yet when one of the assassinations goes wrong, Nick Arthur, a down on his luck MI-6 agent, finds himself at the center of a grand conspiracy that will take him from New York to London to Moscow to the White House. With little support from MI-6, Nick is forced to get to the bottom of the Valhalla operation – or risk becoming collateral damage himself. 
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