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It’s a Wrap! 

What a treat it was to be screening films, as part of the nomination jury, for this year’s Green Screen Nature Film Festival  


Over 230 films from 57 countries were submitted to this year’s Green Screen Nature Film Festival and Claudia Zenkert had the privilege to be part of an amazing nomination jury. Along with eleven other jury members, the nominees were picked for the award categories. The results will be published at the end of the month on And if you want to learn more about why and how the jury has decides, what impulses they got from the submissions and what trends are surfacing – here are the news articles published by the Eckernförder Nachrichten and the Stadtnachrichten

Why a film maker is riding the school bus 

A Portrait of SEETREE’S Founder Claudia Zenkert for the Kölner Stadtanzeiger/ Euskirchener Rundschau 


The Founder of the production company is talking about the challenges of setting up an international business in a rural area and how the global pandemic has helped her with that. Whether SEETREE will be able to stay there or move headquarters to the near-by media cities of Cologne or Bonn is yet to be decided.   
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Businesswoman to Businesswomen 

A Conversation with Claudia Zenkert at the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Founders Day 


It’s a long and rocky road from the first idea to a running business. Especially when you’re a woman! Twice a year, the Chamber of Trade and Commerce (IHK) Bonn/Rhein-Sieg is hosting a Founder’s Day for women, with sessions, seminars and talks – all centered around, how women get their ideas turned into successful businesses.  This time, Claudia Zenkert is sharing her experiences alongside brilliant other businesswomen in a panel session. For her it is essential to create a community of support and exchange with others, and to encourage women to take the step into independence. 

Interested women from all kinds of industries and backgrounds are invited to join this hybrid-event on Friday, April 16th 2021 and take part in lively conversations that will help you shape out your ideas, organize the process and find answers to your questions.

Njálla – Land of the Arctic Fox (WT) Open for Co-Production


Arctic foxes are one of the flagship species of the effects of climate change, but very little is known about their way of life and their role in this land of ice and snow. Now this is going to change: This documentary will introduce you to the Fennoscandian arctic fox in an incredibly intimate way, as we follow a vixen and her litter through the first year of the young pups’ life – facing habitat loss and a cruel invader from the South.  

Contact us and get access to our trailer, pitch deck and exposé and let’s start a conversation how you can become a part of this stunning project

First Glimpse into the world of Wild Child (WT)


This is a first glimpse into the upcoming trailer of our project Wild Child (WT)! We are so thrilled to have found our perfect family:
The Welch Family in the South of California.
Wild Child (WT) is a beautiful documentary series that will show you nature and the wild through the eyes of children. Can’t wait to find the right partners and produce it together with the truly gifted Brady Valashinas, and Aris Stoulil. Stay tuned for the final Trailer!

Happy Holidays and a Great Start into 2021


A crazy year draws to a close and the SeeTree-Team and its partners wish everyone a very happy Christmas, some quality time with your loved-ones and a great start into a better year! We are looking forward to working with old and new partners in the new year and getting some unique projects off the ground.

SeeTree will be at the WCSFP


SeeTree will be at the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers. We are looking forward for three days of exciting sessions and inspiring discussions. And we would love to meet you, so let’s arrange a meeting

Official Launch of the new SeeTree Website


Our Website is finally online. Feel free to share feedback and bug reports – it’s highly appreciated.

Company launches in times of Covid – Interview with the official magazine of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce.


What makes anyone found a company in the midst of a pandemic? How to best organize it and how can the Chamber of Trade and Commerce assist founders in getting their business started properly – Covid-19 or not? SeeTree founder Claudia Zenkert on preparations, market changes and helpful collaborations. 

In the midst of a global pandemic and the fear of a devastating economic recession, the founders of SeeTree prepare the launch of their new company. Their business model: one story, several media outlets. SeeTree’s mission is to make the most out of a unique story, by developing its potential in full medial concepts, so they work for multiple audiences – from TV broadcasters and streaming platforms, museums and schools, to public institutions and companies.  
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IHK Magazin @seetreemedia

Founding in times of Covid – Interview in the Bonner Generalanzeiger 


The Bonner Generalanzeiger asked the question: how recent founders are coping with the global pandemic and the accompanying economic crisis? SeeTree founder Claudia Zenkert was interviewed along with two other founders about new business models, strategies and support in this unpredictable time. 

Founding a company takes guts. The 38-year-old Claudia Zenkert is optimistic. She is currently preparing for the launch of her media production company SeeTree. Zenkert and her business partner are also launching in the midst of the global pandemic, an endeavor well-thought through and with lots of industry experience. 
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Bonner Generalanzeiger @seetreemedia